About Us

Panda Handroll has been created for a wide group of customers. In our restaurants everyone will find something special for themselves. The ones being sushi fans for years will surely be satisfied with our food and the ones, who do not know this Japanese dish, will like the simple way of our serving it.

Sushi restaurants are quite popular everywhere but our life and conditions we live in are changing dynamically. We want to eat well, fast but cheap at the same time. Nobody wants to pay big money for meals in restaurants every second day. What’s more, we live a hectic life, not having time to prepare food at home. This is the right moment for our service.

We are the best alternative to protect your stomachs and money. From now on you do not have to buy common pizza, kebab or sandwiches. We offer you a high quality product for a reasonable price.

We have been preparing for a long time to attract you to our tastes. Our product is a combination of rice prepared according to a special recipe created by our Japanese friends and thoroughly chosen ingredients inside a roll. As an effect, we have brought out a product which is tasty, healthy, filling, light and, what is the most important, not expensive.

Only in Warsaw there are over 1,7 mln of inhabitants who have different taste and needs.

You have thousands of restaurants, bars and cafes to meet the needs. We do not have a chance to satisfy everyone but surely we get up every morning and work for each of you, so we will be glad to see you in our restaurants and serve you the food we have created. 

Panda Handroll is a new dimension of sushi we have made especially for you.